WVTV Students Honored as IP Scholars

WVTV teacher Brent Bloem celebrates with WVTV students Kaylee Thompson and Rian Sondag.

Waubonsie Valley held its Indian Prairie Scholar Awards Ceremony on Wednesday night. 224 students were awarded the honor of IP Scholar, which is attained by maintaining a 3.6 or higher cumulative grade point average over their 7 semesters at WV.

Of the 224 IP scholars,  20 of those students are currently part of WVTV’s media program. Alyssa Pappas, Kellie Regan, Joey Napolitano, Arnuv Aurora, Kiki Moussetis, Caleigh Beckett, Kailee Santoro, Kaylee Thompson, Rian Sondag, Kevin Horan, Mariah Mayo, Aarush Gupta, Sophie Cornwell, Caroline Cordes, Max Mika, Emma Dublin, Jacob Furman, Suraj Patel, Maddie Vuksinic, and Minoo Vasudevan.

Students honored parents and teachers with a candle lighting ceremony.

The senior Class of 2016 consists of an enrollment of 641 students. It was the second highest percentage of IP Scholars of any senior class at Waubonsie.