WVTV Class Rosters Set for 2014-2015

Senior Mike Skrypek returns for another year of media production for WVTV.

AURORA, IL – With class schedules released to Waubonsie Valley High School students this week, WVTV got a sneak peek at its roster for the 2014-2015 school year.

The media production classes boast seven total sections with a combined 180 students this year. The schedule includes four sections of Media Communication & Production I, two sections of Broadcast Journalism & Production II, and one section of Broadcast Journalism & Production III. A total of 23 seniors will be returning to the program. Overall, enrollment in Waubonsie Valley High School media classes jumped over 8% from last year.

Beginner level students are taught the basics of media production and media literacy through a variety of assignments and projects. Upper level media students who specialize in film production work on various projects, including music videos, short films, commercials and public service announcements, while those who specialize in broadcast journalism work on the school’s weekly video magazine, Warrior Update.  

Classes begin on Tuesday, August 26, and will once again be taught by Brian Wiencek and Brent Bloem.

For more information: Brian Wiencek (630) 375-3248, wvtv@ipsd.org

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